The Morning After TC in DC

I finally had time to trim this down! Enjoy! Be sure and think of something fun to say after Sins Con! My camera and I will be looking for you!

This Weekend
Rocky Horror

TC in DC Casting
Less than 4 hours to go!!! Requests to be cast in RH, ST and YF will end TODAY, April 25th at 11:00 p.m. EST. Time to buy your tickets and
get your requests in!

TC In DC Events Update
We are still hard at work hammering out the details of the schedule, but here are a few things you can definitely look forward to:
We will be kicking off the con with a Dead Celebrity Dance Party. There will be a costume contest immediately after the party. There will be 3 categories: Best Dead Celebrity, Best Rocky Horror/Shock Treatment costume and the "other" category. This category is for folks who may have a costume or have wanted to make a costume and found they had no place to wear it.
We will be posting more updates about the schedule very soon. Or you can check out the news page on the website:

Vendor Confirmed!!
Edge Creations will have a vendor table at the TC in DC convention. Edge Creations makes custom Rocky Horror costumes. Please have a look at their site and budget accordingly. ;-)

Well, Crud.
Grrr... Arrgh...

Well, we're not going to break any records. Boo. But we DO plan on walking around DC like zombies. Which, in a way, is a lot more fun.

Casting Deadline Reminder for ST, RH and YF
We are one month away from the April 25th deadline to apply for a part in Rocky Horror, Shock Treatment and Young Frankenstein at the TC in DC convention. If you wish to apply for a role or roles, please purchase your ticket here:

Then to apply, go here:

There are a lot of roles open and even if you have never performed at a con before, please feel free to apply casting is open to everyone.

TC in DC SSOB Award
We would like to remind everyone to enter to win the SSOB award at the upcoming TC in DC convention. Here are the guidelines to enter:

1. Provide us with either a video (under 5 minutes in length) or a
photograph with a short description as to why you should win. Have a
photo of yourself in a pitiful first attempt at a ...costume? Make a
serious blunder at a show? We wanna hear about it.

2.You must purchase a ticket and be present at the con to win.

3. There is no limitation on who can enter. You don't have to be
considered "known" or have done RHPS for a certain amount of time. This
award is extended to everyone.

4. Winning the SSOB award may or may not cancel out your BOSS award.

To purchase a ticket and/or enter the contest, please visit our website.

If you have any questions feel free to email us at

Gone but not forgotten.
The TC in DC convention will be dedicated to our friend Derrick "Fester" Dawson. We will have a memorial page in the program. If anyone would like to have anything printed about Fester, please send me an email at with attn: Dawn in the subject line. Also, our friends over at ...Sins of the Flesh in L.A. have set up a link to make donations to Fester's family.
Now, let's all try to celebrate life a little bit!!! Only 85 more days til TC in DC!!!!!

Roomies needed for TC in DC con?
If anyone is looking for room mates for TC in DC. Please contact me at with ATTN: Dawn in the subject line. Please include your name, how you wish to be contacted and how many days you are staying. Thank you.


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