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TC in DC SSOB Award
magenta1969 wrote in tc_in_dc
We would like to remind everyone to enter to win the SSOB award at the upcoming TC in DC convention. Here are the guidelines to enter:

1. Provide us with either a video (under 5 minutes in length) or a
photograph with a short description as to why you should win. Have a
photo of yourself in a pitiful first attempt at a ...costume? Make a
serious blunder at a show? We wanna hear about it.

2.You must purchase a ticket and be present at the con to win.

3. There is no limitation on who can enter. You don't have to be
considered "known" or have done RHPS for a certain amount of time. This
award is extended to everyone.

4. Winning the SSOB award may or may not cancel out your BOSS award.

To purchase a ticket and/or enter the contest, please visit our website.

If you have any questions feel free to email us at


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